WorkRamp Uses HelloSign to Support Their Teams, Their Clients, and Their ARR

HelloSign and WorkRamp
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HelloSign’s online signing fits into every corner of a company’s landscape, whether that be in an HR department, on a Sales team, or with a contracted legal team. No company demonstrates this better than WorkRamp, an enterprise training platform. 

WorkRamp uses HelloSign to complete several types of business-critical agreement flows, saving precious resources across the entire company. We spoke with Ted Blosser, WorkRamp’s Head of Sales and Customer Success, to get the scoop. 

About WorkRamp

WorkRamp helps companies onboard and train new talent using valuable data algorithms and exceptional online training tools. They’ve found particular success in training sales teams and customer success teams, empowering these teams to reach their full potential. 

As WorkRamp’s customers consist of tech-savvy businesses, they knew they needed an online paperwork management solutions that would match the technological finesse of their clientele. HelloSign immediately stood out as the perfect solution. The easy-to-use online signing interface resonated with WorkRamp’s appreciation for simplicity and effectiveness.

How HelloSign Fits into WorkRamp's Business Landscape

WorkRamp is a particularly special customer as they use HelloSign across multiple departments. They have four primary uses for HelloSign.

1. To accelerate customer contracts

WorkRamp’s sales team uses HelloSign when sending out sales contracts. This has been immensely beneficial for not only the sales team, but the entire company. Ted shared: 

“We’ve been able to accelerate deal flows, leading to faster time-to-revenue and increased ARR. What took 30 minutes before (when manually printing and scanning contracts) now takes 1-2 minutes. 
Seeing as I personally send roughly 30 contracts per month, that equals a time saving of 7.25 days per year, just for myself. When translated to revenue, it’s absolutely huge.

2. To complete financing documents 

WorkRamp raises money on a rolling basis. They use HelloSign to get their SAFEs (one page agreements with investors) signed online. This online signing flow has allowed them to reliably receive the crucial funding they need to succeed. 

3. For an effortless HR onboarding flow

Providing a delightful experience for their own employees is also incredibly important to WorkRamp. They’ve utilized the ease of HelloSign to make onboarding easy for new hires (both full time employees & contractors). This includes taking advantage of easy-to-use templates for onboarding documents like offer letters, W-9 forms, stock option paperwork, and confidentiality agreements. Ted said: “Feedback from the team has been super positive. They enjoy the clean design and templates.”

4. To reduce billable hours for legal paperwork

To ease the burden of lengthy legal working sessions, WorkRamp uses HelloSign to get legal documents completed quickly. This includes reviewing internal stock agreements with their lawyers. Using an online flow has cut down on the billable hours and saved WorkRamp time and money.

A Holistic Approach to Agreements

Taken all together, WorkRamp’s online paperwork flows have allowed them to streamline major parts of their business. 

“Given we’re a software company ourselves, we have a high bar for the companies we partner with to provide critical services and workflows. HelloSign has definitely exceeded our expectations and we could not be happier with their solution and support.”

What’s next?

WorkRamp spent the last year introducing their platform to select clients, refining it into the perfect offering. They’re now growing their customer base and expanding their integrations ecosystem. Visit WorkRamp’s website or blog to learn more about what’s ahead! 

If you'd like to add easy online signing to a department, sign up for a trial of HelloSign.  

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