We Heart Webinars: When I Work + HelloSign

When I Work and HelloSign

We’re kind of webinar nerds here at HelloSign. We like hosting them. We like learning from them. 

And we especially like participating in them. That’s why we were excited by the opportunity to join together with When I Work for the recent webinar “Spark Employee Performance and Supercharge Business Growth."

When I Work is a service dedicated to helping companies schedule and communicate with hourly employees. We've had the opportunity to pair with them before (our very own Joseph Walla was featured in one of their expert Q&A posts!) and we’ve been big fans of their work ever since. From an HR standpoint, When I Work also happens to be a company dedicated to creating a smooth hiring process. 

 That's right up our alley.

Our fearless Team Ops leader Gina Lau sat down with When I Work to share some of HelloSign’s killer HR strategies and structures. She arrived at the mic equipped with info about how HelloSign approaches things like onboarding and employee engagement at HelloSign. 

 You can check out slides from the Onboarding Webinar here, or read on for some of the highlights!

Webinar Highlights: The HelloSign Agenda for Onboarding

  • Get the new team member set up with the basics. This prevents the “just Google it” fear many new hires have. “You can ask anyone anything without feeling embarrassed.” –Gina Lau
  • Set up new hires with a project. At HelloSign, we task each new hire with a set of use cases. This provides a way for team members to get comfortable with the product while contributing valuable feedback. It’s a great way to get employees familiar with product details.
  • Set clear expectations. Employees want to hit the ground running, but they’re also probably a little nervous about how their success will be measured. HelloSign helps assuage those fears by working with new hires to determine expectations and a timeline for deliverables.
  • Encourage collaboration across teams. Maintain an environment that promotes teamwork. Conversation helps new team members feel like they’re part of a larger team and also prevents work silos.
  • Share company initiatives. Transparency for the win! Give context to the overall direction of the company by sharing internal goals with new hires.
  • Encourage questions. How does HelloSign measures success? How can employees measure success? These kinds of questions can help a new employee prioritize their tasks as they set out a new workflow.
  • Keep checking in. Onboarding doesn’t end after the first week. Any new position starts with a ramp up.

Thanks again to When I Work for hosting us! Don’t forget to check out their employee scheduling solution and their blog for even more stellar tips.

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