Our 2020 Year In Review!

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To say it lightly, 2020 was a year of extreme resilience. It included many challenges that no one could have ever imagined. Major day-to-day life changes like transitioning to remote work, seeing our loved ones on screens instead of in-person, and far too much hand washing. Through all the turbulence we still provided more valuable features to our customers than ever before. Let’s take a second to reflect back at a few of the most impactful product launches of 2020.

HelloSign Goes Global

This introduction includes 5/24 support hours for customers across the globe and Local Data Residency. Our new data infrastructure gives customers the option to store completed documents in the US, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, or the UK. We’re excited to support businesses around the globe as they move away from paper to eSignature.

HelloSign Powers eSignatures in Dropbox

In July, we launched the world’s first-ever seamless embedded document signature and storage solution that allows Dropbox users to easily send, sign and store their most important agreements without leaving Dropbox. Users can now manage the entire eSignature and document storage workflow from end-to-end—from creation to execution to storage and everything in between. Powering eSignatures directly in Dropbox provides seamless and efficient workflows to keep the teams and businesses that rely on Dropbox everyday moving.

HelloSign Streamlines eSignatures in Microsoft Word

Finally, we announced our collaboration with Microsoft to bring the ease and simplicity of HelloSign eSignatures to any Microsoft Word document. This integration streamlines the ability to sign and send documents you’re working on directly from Word, allowing users to focus on work uninterrupted. With this launch, we wanted to show our continuous commitment to our customers with building and improving tools that enhance workflow optimization and allow users to work faster and easier.

We want to thank you all for the continued support even during a challenging year. We couldn’t do any of this without you.

And with that 2021 here we come!

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