Onboarding at HelloSign: An Engineer's Experience

Onboarding at HelloSign: An Engineer's Experience

The first day at most new jobs is usually mired with boring necessities like setting up your work environment and getting the legal paperwork hashed out. But as the newest member of HelloSign’s engineering team, I couldn’t help but notice that HelloSign had something all of my previous jobs lacked - a well-planned onboarding process.  

After some introductory meetings, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself doing meaningful work on the first day. 

HelloSign has all new employees go through a series of use cases to provide feedback on the product. Aside from satisfying the eagerness of the new hire, the use cases provide something for any new member of the company to do in their early downtime. Not only are they helping to test the latest release, they’re also providing a fresh set of eyes to the product. Most importantly, they're learning about every facet of the product that they will be creating, supporting, or selling. 

That’s an impressive amount of value for a first assignment.

Ramping Up

After finishing some of my use cases, my first real assignment was to change some copy - a great exercise that helps to  familiarize a new engineer with their workflow and introduce them to how they’ll be coordinating with other teams. The workflow was easy to pick up and communicating with other teams in the company is as simple as walking up and saying hi - there’s no department encapsulation here. 

The rest of my first week consisted of meeting with different members of the engineering team to go over different facets of our architecture (such as front end, back end, database, and cloud servers) and spending time working on minor bugs and content changes. 

The staggered meetings gave me the opportunity to learn valuable information quickly without overloading me, while at the same time giving me free time to work on tasks assigned to me and to finish going through the use cases. The combination of training alongside real work made me feel incredibly productive for my first week and led me to feel more like an asset than a burden.

Becoming Part of the HelloSign Team

And now, finishing my first project one month later, I feel fortunate to have found myself on such an amazing team. I received help from everyone on the dev team at some point during my first project and never received any pushback when asking for help. In fact, during the weekly one-on-one’s with my manager the only suggestion he gave to me was to ask more questions. 

You never know what a company will be like until you start working there, but after being at HelloSign for a month I can safely say that I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. It’s one of those experiences you want to share with others and as we continue to grow I look forward to sharing that experience with every new hire we bring on board. 

HelloSign is hiring!

Join the team and experience our employee onboarding process for yourself.

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