Instacart Fuels Onboarding, Delivery of 100,000 Products Through Automation

Instacart Fuels Growth with HelloSign
Nytt utseende, samme flotte produkt! HelloSign er nå Dropbox Sign.

Instacart is an on-demand grocery delivery service serving 47 states. At any given time, they contract with over ten thousand “Personal Shoppers” to handle the shopping, packing, and delivery of groceries to Instacart’s customers.

In the early days, Instacart relied on traditional pen-and-paper signatures to onboard new Personal Shoppers. But the application process for new contractors was awkward. New Shoppers applied online, but then had to complete the process using traditional offline paperwork. When competing for Shoppers, the backbone of their on-demand service, Instacart recognized that any friction in the process could lead to attrition. The competition for labor is fierce and Instacart had to make sure it was well positioned to attract and retain great candidates.

“In the beginning we had staff in the office that would scan all of the documents as well as manage the process of getting the paperwork complete. It wasn’t a sustainable model as we looked to scale out the business,” said Instacart Co-Founder Max Mullen.

Instacart recognized how critical an integrated onboarding process was to their business and turned their focus towards selecting the right eSignature API.  

As Max explains, “We knew exactly what we were looking for in an eSignature API. It needed to be a clean and modern API, and we needed to be able to seamlessly integrate the API into our product to keep the user experience as close to our brand as possible. We wanted an API built by a team that valued user experience as much as we do.

At the end of the day we chose HelloSign because it was the best combination of these features, price and user experience.”

Instacart also found that coding and implementation with the HelloSign API was extremely easy. “The project was conceived and launched in less than a week. It took one developer less than two days of work to integrate the API,” said Max.

Read the Instacart case study to learn how choosing a modern API with clean documentation and self-service sign up helped them get up and running quickly.

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