How We Leveled Up HelloSign in 2016

How We Leveled Up HelloSign in 2016

This is my third year writing an annual review for HelloSign. It’s amazing to think about how far we’ve come in the last few years. 2014 was amazing. 2015 was even better. 2016 has got to be my favorite year so far. A ton of incredible things happened and we reached major milestones. 

Here’s some of what made 2016 so successful.

1. Voted #1 eSignature solution

By popular user vote, we were awarded not one, but two awards for excellence in the digital space. First with the G2 Crowd Award for #1 eSignature Solution for Small and Mid-Market Business rating and then another G2 Crowd Award for overall best solution in mid-market software

G2 Crowd awards are determined directly from customer feedback and ratings. Winning these two awards is confirmation of the value we're delivering to the ~50,000 companies who pay for our service. It's a clear indicator we're a critical tool for conducting business!

2. Continuing to be the best eSignature API!

Developer experience (DX) is core to everything we do. For many companies, an API is an afterthought, something you cobble together on the side - but for us, it’s always been our core approach to helping our customers deliver high value applications and web sites to their customers. Enabling our customers to preserve their brand and user experience is something we know they value, which is why we focus so much on our API. 

An example of a HelloSign API integration.

We continue to be the most flexible, fastest to integrate and most developer friendly eSignature and document transaction API. Feel free to read more about how we think about building APIs in 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your API

This past year, we improved our API dashboard to make it easier for developers to debug and updated our documentation with new SDK wrappers to make the API even more accessible. We also now give developers unlimited templates for testing, aligning with our ethos that you should be able to test an API absolutely free. 

(Here’s a full list of our 2016 API improvements so you can see what we’ve built.)

3. Partnering with incredible companies

We’ve added some amazing partnerships to the roster that we’re thrilled to work with. Oracle and Eventbrite both chose HelloSign as their eSignature partner this past year. We also integrated with Salesforce, which was one of our top requested integrations. We have a lot of great integrations in the works for 2017, so keep an eye out!

4. Making our customers awesome (and they’re getting some serious ROI)

A lot of great companies chose HelloSign this year as their eSignature solution. Many of our customers embed our functionality right into their websites using the HelloSign API. They’ve seen amazing results! 

One of our customers (Brokermint) experienced a 23% increase in their sales conversion rate within the first six months of integrating the HelloSign API into their platform. Another customer (EquityZen) shortened the time to sign important contracts from 48 hours to just 11 minutes...that’s a 99% reduction in time-to-sign. Those results are huge! We love making our customers awesome

There are too many customers stories to share, so here are a few of my favorites.

  • Brokermint increased their sales conversion rate by 23% after integrating the HelloSign API.
  • used the HelloSign and HelloFax APIs to get 500,000 new voters this year.
  • EquityZen decreased document turnaround time for their clients from 48 hours to 11 minutes.
  • LoftSmart built a modern solution for apartment rentals and made it possible to complete all the required paperwork online.
  • improved document turnaround time for their customers by 79%.

We also introduced our first “Voice of the Customer” series where customers come to the HelloSign office to talk candidly about their integrations in front of the whole company. It’s been hugely successful in keeping the customer top of mind in everything we do.

5. Growing out the team to take even better care of our customers

I’m excited to share that we created a Customer Success department from scratch to proactively take care of our customers. The goal of this new function is to proactively reach out to customers and make sure they achieve their goals with HelloSign. We want our customers to get tons of value out of HelloSign, so we’re investing a lot in their success. 

We also hired seasoned exec Whitney Bouck from Box, who joined as our COO in February. She’s been focusing on scaling our sales and marketing efforts, driving our strategic growth plan, and building out new functions like business development. 

In other areas of the business, we’ve hired top talent to join our security and IT team, API support team, engineering team and product team.

6. Great mentions in the press

We’ve gotten a lot of terrific press this year. Aragon’s first ever Globe report on Digital Transaction Management listed HelloSign as an innovator, and we got a lot of amazing press this year as well. 

Here are a few favorites:

7. Making our team awesome

We’ve made some huge investments in the team this year. Part of our investments are to make sure we’re a place where all types of people, including parents, can thrive. I’m really excited to share that we were recognized by the city of San Francisco with an award for our parental leave policy.

We take great pride in making our team members happy, growing, and challenged so that they can focus on making our customers successful every day.

Amazing things to come in 2017!

We have exciting things in the works for the next year, so stay tuned!. Thank you for the incredible support over the years. We couldn’t have done it without you. 

– Joseph, Neal, Whit and the HelloSign team

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