Expert Series: What Insurance Agencies Need to Know About The Fair Labor Standards Act

What Insurance Agencies Need to Know About The Fair Labor Standards Act

How can you be sure your agency is complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act?  Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve brought expert Jon Pesky aboard for an in-depth webinar on February 3rd designed to answer your questions about the laws surrounding independent contractors. 

There’s a lot of confusion for insurance agency leaders when it comes to employment laws. The line between an employee and an independent contractor is thin, fuzzy and increasingly important for agency decision makers to understand. 

Even though an "independent contractor” is different from an “employee”, the exact definition of either role has yet to be set in stone. And despite the ambiguity between roles, failure to be compliant can result in lawsuits, compensatory and punitive damages, as well as damage to your reputation. 

During this one-hour session, Jon will help you prevent any unwanted surprises by drilling down on the federal law aspects of the Fair Labor Standards Act and whether that producer of yours is truly an independent contractor or actually an employee. 

Watch the webinar here.

About the Presenter

Jon Persky graduated from Duquesne University, holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Pittsburgh, is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Insurance Counselor, and a Professional in Human Resources. 

He has spent the majority of his professional career in the insurance industry in positions such as Controller, Chief Financial Officer, and Personnel Director. The agencies Jon has been associated with range from a large commercial lines agency to a 35 location non-standard specialty auto agency. 

As a national faculty member of the Society of Certified Insurance Counselors for over 20 years, Jon is the Society's exclusive lecturer on Perpetuations, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Agency valuations. He facilitates these topics as well as many others at Graduate Studies Ruble Seminars and Agency Management Institutes countrywide.

The webinar may be over, but the Fair Labor Standards Act lives on! Watch the recording here.

The webinar is waiting!

Watch "What Insurance Leaders Need to Know About the Fair Labor Standards Act" today.

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