Breezy HR Used the HelloSign API to Build a Totally Seamless Hiring Flow

Breezy HR Uses HelloSign
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Breezy HR is an end-to-end hiring platform for modern teams. They make it easy for companies to attract, interview, and hire the very best talent. Breezy integrated HelloSign’s API into their platform, bringing seamless online offer management to hiring teams everywhere.  

“A Breath of Fresh HR”

Breezy HR was started in 2014 by Darren Bounds, a former VP of Technology at Taleo. 

While Bounds was growing a previous startup, SportsYapper, he tried all of the existing SMB recruiting products, but resorted to using a combination of products to make his hire. Still nothing aligned with the way his team wanted to manage hiring. He saw an excellent opportunity to make a product with a more consumer-like experience. 

Bounds envisioned a solution that would give teams of all sizes a simple way to organize their hiring and handle employment offers. 

Enter: Breezy HR.

How Breezy HR Customized Their Perfect Online Signing Flow

The Breezy platform allows customers to post jobs, streamline recruiting communications, access analytics, and – importantly – manage the nitty gritty of hiring logistics. 

Early in development, Breezy realized they needed a way to get offer letters signed on the dotted line without sending customers to a third-party site or requiring them to print and scan paper documents. So began Breezy’s hunt for the perfect eSignatures solution. 

A few important “need to haves” guided their search: Breezy knew they wanted an eSignature experience that could be embedded into their platform, they knew they wanted the signing experience to be clean and easy for their customers, and they knew they wanted an API integration that wouldn’t suck resources from the engineering team. After evaluating several eSignature solutions (including DocuSign), Breezy was quickly won over by the HelloSign API. 

 Jayca Pike, Breezy’s Head of Marketing, shared: 

“The flexibility of HelloSign’s API was a big draw. There weren’t too many restrictions. It was customizable and allowed us to fold it into the Breezy platform the way we wanted to. We appreciated that HelloSign laid it out on the table and basically said ‘Here’s our API and there’s your product – you do what you want with it.’” 

A shared dedication to great UX also aided in their decision. “Everything about HelloSign is clean and modern, simple, and user friendly. There’s not a lot of fluff. These were qualities that were right on point with what Breezy offers.” 

After choosing the HelloSign API, Breezy’s was able to implement it in under a week. The integration was quick and painless. 

“Everything about the integration fast and straightforward. The API was a great fit for our engineering team,” Darren Bounds shared. 

Breezy now offer secure in-app offer management to their customers:

‍Offer Contract Prep Flow

‍Offer Contract Signing Flow

It’s been a hit so far. 

“One of the biggest benefits is that it’s fast for everyone – customers and their recruits don’t have to navigate a sign in, etc., over on a third party site. They stay right on the Breezy platform to sign and manage their offers,” Jayca said. “[Our customers] love it. The reaction is usually ‘That’s so cool!’ It’s a delightful experience for them.”

What’s Next for Breezy HR

Breezy is consistently adding value to their platform while maintaining their reputation for a clean and simple user experience. 

“Similar to HelloSign, Breezy values the power of simplicity. A main goal of ours is to cater to our customers without weighing down the platform.” 

Fresh off the rollout of offer management through HelloSign and a new Employee Referral Portal, you can look out for more carefully crafted integrations (like in-app background checks) in the coming months. 

 Visit the Breezy HR site here!

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