HelloSign Earns Ranking on "Best Places to Work" List

HelloSign Earns a Ranking on Best Places to Work

Building a great company and culture is high effort work that involves everyone from all levels of the organization. 

That's why the entire HelloSign team is excited to share that HelloSign made SF Business Times magazine's annual "Best Place to Work" list for 2018! It’s amazing and fun when a team can celebrate this milestone together.

Our Commitment to Supporting the HelloSign Team

Actively working to build a great workplace is crucial for a number of reasons. At HelloSign, it fosters a safe place for employees to take risks that lead to innovation; it gives us the ability to express diverse opinions which fosters trust; it helps teams work collaboratively to tackle our company wide goals.

All of those amazing results come about through constant and deliberate actions. We're always working to make sure our employees feel heard and supported throughout their entire life cycle. This was true as we scaled and grew quickly in 2017, and will be true as we scale in 2018.

As an example, a goal of ours is to consistently sustain high employee engagement scores and high CEO approval ratings. And we've managed to sustain our scores and win an award even during our time of hyper-growth!  

Building a Great Workplace So We Can Support Our Users

HelloSign is a special company and the core values we created years ago still guide us as team today. One of the best parts about focusing on making our team awesome is that we’ve also seen our customer satisfaction rates rise, and our business grow YoY. We take care of our team so that everyone at HelloSign can support and take care of you.

While this is our first Best Place to work award, we’ve got our eyes focused on allowing our employees to continue to take extreme ownership to help us build a great workplace and celebrate more wins.

I am thrilled about winning this award and can’t wait to celebrate this victory with our winning team!  Cheers to all our employees who do their best work for our best workplace!

Join the HelloSign team

We're doing some BIG TIME hiring across all teams here at HelloSign! We're making it simpler to get work done. Join us — we're ready to welcome you with open arms!

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