7 Ways to Master eSignatures

7 Ways to Master eSignatures
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Most people who start using eSignature ride share a similar experience. They can remember the time before eSignatures and the time after eSignatures. Once new users have gotten their balance (and sent a document or two), they’re ready to learn all about the tricks of the eSignature trade. 

We've gathered 7 ways to use eSignatures smarter to help you get set up with all the features. 

Consider it a guide to eSignatures sans training wheels.

1. Track your documents using audit trails

Document tracking allows you to keep track of your documents, from the first step to the last. It’s a bit like keeping a pulse on the conversation your documents are having with your customers or clients. 

On the basic level, keeping tabs on the journey of a document helps you to stay organized in an already complicated world. On the master level, tracking document can help you to strengthen your overall customer experience. 

For instance, you can choose to receive a notification from HelloSign when a client has opened a document but left it unsigned. Knowing that a client has viewed a document but left it unsigned gives you the heads-up that there might be a potential issue. You can follow up quickly and help resolve any issues. 

2. Sign documents using a tablet or other mobile device

eSignatures make it easy to complete documents entirely online, but there also might come a time and a place for in-person signing. Like signing waivers at an event or signing a lease on a property. In that case, using a tablet to get an electronic signature makes it easy to sign using a finger or tablet pen.

Signing via a tablet is also seamless with the existing workflow. The signer isn't required to log in, you don’t have to request an email or any additional information, and it’s finished up in less than a minute. 

3. Create reusable templates for frequently used documents

Anyone schlepping through paperwork can agree that the back and forth of paperwork creates a lot of frustrations and friction. Not only do you lose time and mental energy, the momentum is slowed each time a document requires printing and faxing. The time loss is especially frustrating when you're sending the same document over and over again. 

A HelloSign template allows you to format a frequently used documents with the proper fields (name, date of birth, etc.) and save the template for future use. This eliminates the need to create and format a new document for every signature you require. A great example of this might be for an HR professional who sends the same NDA to every new hire. They can simply create a template for the NDA, use it when sending, and totally avoid redundant reformatting. 

4.  Personalize your eSignature

John Hancock garnered a pretty distinguishable reputation for signing documents with a flourish. Larger than life (and larger than the other signatures on a page), his signature has retained its reputation. Even years later, he serves as proof that a signature can be a distinguishing factor. 

And while you may have a smaller signature than the particularly proud founding father, it’s uniquely yours nonetheless. 

Most eSignature platforms will allow you to populate the signature box with a “script” font. This font looks a little closer to a real signature and a little less like computer text. 

 For example:

Using the above font for an eSignature is entirely legal and permissible in court. But there’s also a reason people like to use their real signature when signing documents. Much like a fingerprint, personalized signatures add personalization and an extra level of security.

Compare the above signature with the real deal:

A little different, no?

While both methods are perfectly legal, customizing your signature allows you to use your unique signature to sign documents online. You can do this with HelloSign by drawing in your signature on a touchscreen using your finger or a stylus, uploading a snapshot of your paper signature, or drawing in your signature with your mouse.

5. Strengthen your document security

HelloSign is serious about eSignature safety and security. We have no doubts that you are, too. That’s why we wanted to give you another level of protection with 2-factor authentication. 2-factor authentication is optional but easy to set up.

You have a couple options:

  1. Enable 2-factor authentication for specific documents
  2. Enable 2-factor authentication at the account level. (PS Account level authentication is a feature that’s unique to HelloSign).

6. Customize the signing experience with your branding

Customizing the entire eSignature experience to match your branding and colors gives you a great advantage as a company. Featuring your logo in the signing process helps your customer to connect the easy workflow with your company brand. It also helps a customer keep track of who they’re signing with. You can use white labeling or branding to accomplish this. 

There are a couple ways to add this customization using HelloSign:

  1. Branding: Add a logo, a tagline, or your personal company colors to each document you sign and send. While we love our design, we also love enabling our users to champion their own branding and design! It’s about making our users awesome.
  2. API integration: Add the functionality of HelloSign with your branding using our API. Companies like Binti and Instacart have integrated eSignatures directly into the foundation of their business using this method.

7. Integrate eSignatures into your existing apps

HelloSign integrates with a number of different apps to provide the easiest signing experience in whatever app you're using. For instance, our Google Drive integration allows you to sign documents directly in your Google Drive. Your final doc is then stored in your drive. That makes for seamless storage and easy access to all your contracts or paperwork.

Here’s where you can keep an eye out for HelloSign in your GoogleDrive:

Other integrations include Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Slack, HubSpotCRM, Salesforce, and more! Explore them all on our integration portal.

Be the Master

Whether you're a new or existing customer of HelloSign, we hope you learned something new! Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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